Tradition, Style and Quality

We believe that there’s more to running a restaurant than simply providing good food. Of course the food is very important and we place the highest priority on preparing all our dishes with care, skill and precision.


Our recipes have been handed down through the generations and we’re constantly trying to improve them whilst retaining the traditional qualities and flavours. Naturally, we only use fresh Chicken and Lamb and the spices are mixed separately so they retain their individual flavour.


You will always find a welcoming atmosphere with staff who are only too pleased to help you in any possible way and to make your dining with us an occasion to remember. The chef will be delighted to cook your favourite dish. Please do not hesitate to ask the staff.


If you suffer from any severe allergy or intolerance, please tell your server and a manager will take your order and communicate with our teams.


Tandoori Dishes

The Tandoor is an Indian clay oven heated with charcoal and provides many cooking facilities like roasting lamb or chicken, baking bread etc. A special yogurt based sauce mixed with herbs and spices is used to marinate the food before being put into the tandoor. This process preserves the natural goodness of food and brings out the unmistakeable Tandoori flavour.

Moglai Dishes

Moglai dishes are traditional preparations which have come down in time from the period of the Mogul Empire in India. The dishes are exotic and are exclusively prepared from rich spices skilfully blended to achieve a balanced harmony and a unique taste.