Chef's Specials & Sharing Dish

Chef's Specials

Lamb Chops Bhuna

Tender Lamb Chops marinated in a spicy sauce, grilled in a tandoor and then cooked with medium spices, onions, tomatoes and corriander. (Contains Dairy).
£ 19.95

Sheesh Mahal Special

Special delicacy tender Chicken Breast cooked with roasted cumin, capiscum and fresh cream and gravy. (Contains Dairy).
£ 14.95

Sharing Dish for 2

Chicken Handi

Specially prepared tender chicken pieces cooked with potatoes and spices.
£ 22.95

Lamb Handi

Specially prepared tender lamb pieces cooked with potatoes and spices.
£ 24.95

All of the dishes on this menu may contain traces of nuts and/ or other allergens. If you need further assistance regarding food allergies please ask a member of our staff- This notice applies to all dishes served in our restaurant, takeaway and outside catering services. Valid from 11/23