Rice, Bread & Extras

Rice & Bread

Plain Rice (Basmati Rice)

£  3.50

Pilau Rice

Basmati rice cooked with onions, ginger, turmeric and butter ghee. (Contains Dairy)
£  3.50

Lemon Rice

£  4.25

Egg Fried Rice

Tilda basmati rice with egg with onion. (Contains Dairy)
£  4.25

Vegetable or Mushroom Pilau

£  4.25

Peas or Chana Pilau (Chickpeas)

£  4.25


Plain flour layered bread. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.95


(Contains Gluten)
£  2.95


Leavened tandoori bread. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.25

Peshwari Nan

Sweet - with almonds, sultanas and coconut filling. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.50

Kulcha Nan

Leavened tandoori bread with vegetable filling. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.50

Garlic Nan

Leavened tandoori bread with garlic filling. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.50

Keema Nan

Leavened tandoori bread with minced lamb filling. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.50

Jahl Nan

Hot - with minced lamb, garlic, green chillies and coriander filling. (Contains Gluten)
£  3.50


Papadum (Plain or Spicy)

Wafer thin fried crisp
£  0.90

Chutneys (per person)

£  0.90


Onions, tomatoes, cucmber with yoghurt and raita spice. (Contains Dairy)
£  2.95

All of the dishes on this menu may contain traces of nuts and/ or other allergens. If you need further assistance regarding food allergies please ask a member of our staff- This notice applies to all dishes served in our restaurant, takeaway and outside catering services. Valid from 03/22.